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“Lissi Kaplan has received the kind of recognition that most artists wait decades for.” — The Los Angeles Times

”Handling Kaplan’s delicate china makes me feel more fragile somehow.” — The Washington Post

“When you step into Lissi Kaplan’s studio, film clips from Age of Innocence and Sense and Sensibility start unreeling in your mind.” —The Daily News

”Out with Limoges, in with Lissi.” — Where Magazine

“Los Angeles artist Lissi Kaplan’s porcelain creations are simply lovely. Picture ethereal floral blooms which are at once feminine and fun in candy colored hues on everything from teapots to candlesticks.” — LA Now Magazine

”Awakening the long lost art of porcelain painting, teacups blossom into beautiful gardens in Kaplan’s hands.” — Daily Pilot

“Lissi Kaplan will find one’s inner spirit and bring it to life through her flower garden porcelains.” — The Acorn

“Kaplan puts her whole heart into each piece that she paints, for she knows that there is a kind of power in that which will be felt by whoever comes to own that piece.” —The Valley Scene Magazine


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